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Ergonomic Office Furniture: San Diego Employers Can Make Easy Changes

Mike at has a helpful post up that touches on the importance of healthful workplace practices for sedentary employees. Naturally, one important factor in promoting well being at work is ergonomic office furniture. San Diego employers who want to start cutting their rate of absenteeism, repetitive motion injuries, and lost productivity should take note. You don’t have to wait until the next time you buy office furniture to start thinking about improved ergonomics. Many workers aren’t using their existing furniture to get the most benefit. So, why not put together a 30 minute “Adjust your workspace” event for your employees?

As Mike points out, the American Society of Safety Engineers has a tip sheet that provides a great starting point. You might be surprised to find how many employees just use their task chair the way they find it instead of making adjustments. Employees should be encouraged to take some time to experiment with the features on their chair to find the best height and tilt.

More Quick (and Cheap) Fixes

Chairs without adequate lumbar support can be fitted with back cushions for under $20 each. This is also a good time to install some adjustable keyboard trays. These can reduce wrist strain and also clear more space on the desk. Monitor height and distance as well as screen contrast should be checked and adjusted as well. For areas with bright lighting, screen glare reducers are another low-cost ergonomic fix that workers will appreciate.


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