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Empower Maxon Cubicles Offer Strength and Versatility

Business owners who are serious about purchasing some of the sturdiest office furniture on the market will be interested in investigating Maxon cubicles. Steel and aluminum are combined to create a panel system that can double as ceiling height walls in the Empower collection. These panels are 3” thick and can be stacked over 10’ high with header tiles. Are you promoting an office worker to a supervisory position? Increase the height of the employee’s cube walls and add a sliding door to create an instant private office.

Frames and Panels

Camlocktm couplers connect these metal frames together. Rather than having two or three points of contact, this patented system runs along the full length of the vertical edge of each frame. This allows you to build a solid, sturdy wall. Initial installation and later changes are fast and simple. All metal surfaces are painted, coated, or naturally corrosion resistant for durability and longevity.

Tiles can be added or replaced at any time to reconfigure or just change the appearance of these Maxon cubicles. Metal tiles are ideal for high traffic areas where more delicate surfaces may be damaged. Laminates and tackable fabrics offer attractive options to match any décor. Glass provides open design alternatives for team workspaces; whiteboards add utility to cube interiors and collaborative areas.

Electrical and Data

You can power your Empower cubicles with cabling run from the floor, walls, or ceiling. Each panel has 2” of interior space to accommodate data and power lines. Run cables through raceways along the floor line or through panel-top channels. Access can be provided at the height of the worksurface or along the baseline – whichever is most convenient.


With over 600 sizes and shapes to select from including curved and wraparound styles, Maxon work surfaces can be incorporated to suit any layout. Overhead storage is available with an optional “anti-slamming” option that uses a gas assist cylinder to ease the bin door back into place. Employee storage options range from towers to bookcases and shelving.

To add your company’s personal touch to your Empower Maxon cubicles, send in a digital file with your corporate logo. The manufacturer can apply images with up to 4 colors on laminate or glass segments. For an even more sophisticated look, have your logo etched into the glass tiles. This is an especially nice selection if you are using this versatile panel system to create a reception desk.


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