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Eco-Friendly Office Furniture Supplies – San Diego Could Be Greener

Is your company currently purchasing “green” office furniture supplies? San Diego businesses have more options now than ever before when it comes to outfitting employee workstations. From the non-toxic cleaning solutions used to wipe down your office furniture to the stacking desk trays you use for your in/out boxes, you’ve got plenty of choices. Of course, just because a product is labeled as eco-friendly doesn’t mean it is doing that much for the environment. An inspection of the label/packaging will help you figure out if you are really making an sustainable purchasing decision.

For example, you will want to take a close look at the percentage of post-consumer recycled content being used. Materials that are reclaimed as a normal part of the manufacturing process are referred to as pre-consumer recycled content. A company may have been reclaiming raw material byproducts for decades to boost efficiency and decrease costs. They can slap a label on their package saying they are “green”, but this doesn’t indicate a real change in their normal way of doing business.

In contrast, a company that is using post-consumer materials is often having a direct impact on landfill waste reduction. Plus, these manufacturers are supporting recycling companies that create jobs for workers who collect recyclable items. So, generally the higher the percentage of post-consumer recycled content, the greater the benefit to the environment. Of course, this only holds true as long as the process used to clean and reconstitute the post-consumer material to make it ready for production is eco-friendly and doesn’t create toxic byproducts. A little background research goes a long way in helping you determine whether a manufacturer is really as green as they claim.


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