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Don’t Use This Infographic As a Cubicle Poster

It’s great to be able to personalize your workspace with funny, inspirational and motivational cubicle posters. Those pictures of cute kittens, mountain climbers and eagles can make a drab panel more interesting. However, there are some types of décor your boss really shouldn’t be allowed to see. For example, you’d never want to print out and post this infographic in your cubicle – or in the break room. Instead, it’s the kind of thing you secretly share with your coworkers for a quick chuckle on a long Friday afternoon. We don’t think you’ll actually try any of these tips for getting away with sleeping on the job. But a good belly laugh will make you feel just as relaxed and refreshed as a quick nap. Let us know which strategy is your favorite.

Sleeping On The Job - An Infographic by the Team at

Strategies For Sleeping On The Job: An Infographic by the Team at



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