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Does Your Office Chair Have a Sweet Spot?

That’s a question you should be able to answer if you’ve spent the appropriate amount of time learning to adjust it. All those knobs and levers aren’t just for show. They are designed to offer you a chance to explore and find out just how comfortable you can really be. If you’ve bought an ergonomic office chair, it can be tempting to take a “set it and forget it” attitude. After all, even a close approximation of the right setting on a high quality chair feels way better than sitting on a cheap office chair. But you’re missing out on the full benefit if you don’t take a couple of weeks to play with the features. Once you find just the right settings that support you when you are sitting up, leaning forward and reclining back, you’ll know.

For an informative tutorial featuring the SwingChair, go here. They recommend starting with all the settings at “zero” before you even sit down. That’s smarter than trying to guestimate the right position and just making minor adjustments from there. You’ll be less tempted to settle for “good enough” when you can explore the full range of adjustment and determine what really works best for your body. The instructions in the video are specific to the SwingChair, but they can actually be used for any office chair with a similar set of adjustment options (Steelcase Leap, Herman Miller Aeron, Humanscale Freedom, etc.)


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