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Does Your Built Office Environment Drive Success?

That’s a question explored in Sodexo’s 2012 Workplace Trends pamphlet. It reveals some startling statistics about how nebulous concepts like employee engagement really do impact the bottom line. In a survey of 50 global employers, research group Towers Watson found that firms with highly engaged employees improved their operating income by almost 20 percent over a 12 month period. Those with the lowest levels of engagement saw a drop of more than 30 percent! While there are many factors that drive satisfaction, the care that is taken with the built office environment is one of the most obvious – and one of the easiest to fix. High quality, adjustable lighting, excellent temperature regulation and a well-kempt workspace are all things employees notice and care about. In fact, a shabby or dirty workspace is viewed as a sign of how little employers care about the wellbeing of their workforce. So, investing in first class office design and furnishings really is an investment in employee engagement. At Cubicles Office Environments, we can help you make this investment affordable for fast ROI. Start with our no charge, no obligation space planning consultation today!


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