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Do Employees Really Want to Walk at Work?

You’ve probably heard about the Steelcase treadmill desk at this point. But is this a piece of office furniture employees would actually use? There’s anecdotal evidence that workers actually do enjoy walking while they work. Phone workers at Aetna’s call center in New Albany are apparently lining up to get their turn on a small fleet of treadmill workstations.

The treadmills are set with an upper speed limit of 2 miles per hour – a casual strolling pace that offers some cardiac benefit without too much strain or sweat. It only takes users a few days to adjust and learn how to type and talk as they walk.

The company has taken a very common sense approach to the fitness at-work-trend by starting out with only a few of these specialty desks. That’s a lot more realistic than outfitting every cubicle with a treadmill desk that would sit idle most of the time. Employees sign up for sessions of 45 minutes at a time just a few days a week. As demand grows, the company may add more workout workstations to accommodate a higher percentage of their workforce on a daily basis.


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