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DMI Shaves More Time Off Office Furniture Shipping

DMI just celebrated its 100th year in business at NeoCon 2011. That means the company began back in the days when Wells Fargo was still hiring stagecoach drivers to make deliveries. These days, the company is taking advantage of automotive transportation, modern logistics, and lean supply chain management to ship product faster than ever.

General Industry Quick Ship Options

For many office furniture companies, 2-3 weeks is considered a short lead time. When cubicles and workstations are being factory produced to standard customer specifications, that’s actually very speedy service. But when an office furniture company already has items in stock, it shouldn’t take that long – and they recognize this. For example, Allsteel has a 5 day Express Solutions® program that has orders for commonly requested items from their Concensys line ready to ship in 5 days or less.

But the DASH program from DMI is taking it to the next level. They are promising actual delivery in 3 business days or less for areas east of Oklahoma and 5 business days for western states. This service includes their entire product line with few restrictions. That’s a boon for companies that need to set up an office fast.

Potential Drawbacks of Fast Ship Programs

The main risk in purchasing your office furniture with a quick-shipping program is that it may tempt you to make decisions too fast. Buying office furniture isn’t just something you need to get out of the way so you can get down to business. The space planning and provisioning decisions you make now can have a major impact on both general business costs and worker productivity for the next ten years or more.

So, even if you need furniture fast, you absolutely shouldn’t skip the consultation and planning phase. That’s one advantage of going local with Cubicles Office Environments. We have a large and varied in-stock inventory of refurbished office furniture that’s available for fast delivery to save you both time and money. Plus, you get a free space planning consultation to help you make the right choices for your company.


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