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DiVi AIS Cubicles Offer Business Owners Flexibility

divi7a-anglesWhen you are shopping for new office cubicles, you want a product that is cost effective and highly adaptable. Ideally, the brand you select will give you multiple configurations, easy assembly, integration with technology, and customization options for individual employees. AIS cubicles in the DiVi collection go a step further by allowing you to update the look of your panels after installation. Their segmented outer panel design incorporates changeable skins. These colored panel pieces can be stacked in bands to offer a sophisticated accent to other room furnishings.

You can select your preferred design to be assembled at the factory but still retain the ability to change later. This is especially helpful if you decide to replace carpet or wallpaper at some point in the future. You aren’t stuck with picking colors that match your existing cubicle exteriors. Instead, you can update the look of your entire office at one time without buying all new furniture. Just order cube skins to compliment the rest of your interior design selections.

Here are additional features that make the DiVi models flexible:

Universal Hinge

d24-cubicle-railsAIS cubicles are connected using a universal hinge design that isn’t restricted to a 90 degree angle. You can set these at 120 or 135 degrees as needed to make the best use of your available space. Each panel can have 2, 3, or 4 way connections. These options give you the ability to create more open, collaborative work environments – not just separate cubicles. The hinge itself is a single piece of hardware and requires no additional screws or other parts to hold the panels together. Once installed, the universal hinge is almost completely hidden in the panel interior.

Accommodating Raceway

The bottom section of each panel provides space for cable to be laid in seamlessly without pinching or crimping. After installation, a cover simply folds up over the cabling to hide it from view. AIS, Inc. advertises this raceway as being large enough (at 6”) to hold as many as 100 cat 5 or 6 cables. So, no matter how complex your network becomes over time, you will still have room to run more lines through the bottom panels of these AIS cubicles. You can also select an internal divider to keep data and power conduits separate.d11-raceway

Tool Rails & Whiteboards

Cubicle interiors aren’t overlooked when it comes to customization. You can add tool rails to help organize items that would otherwise clutter the workspace. Keep pens, files, and more within easy reach using this system. You can also intersperse segments of erasable whiteboard among the fabric panels. This offers employees an alternative to the ubiquitous Post-it for making quick reminder notes regarding upcoming tasks.

Want to see how other companies are using AIS cubicles to their advantage? Check out the manufacturer’s impressive library of case studies.


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