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Discount Office Furniture: San Diego Preferred Customers

IMG_1541In this economy, everybody is looking for ways to save money. Are you interested in purchasing discount office furniture? San Diego has no shortage of vendors who may be looking to cut a deal. Learning how to make product selections and negotiate pricing to save money can make a big difference in staying under budget. Here are several ways you may be able to qualify for a discounted price from office furniture suppliers:

  • Getting free delivery and installation as well as quantity discounts is easiest on large orders. Plan for future expansion and buy in bulk now to take advantage of this type of deal.
  • Buying excess inventory, discontinued models, or orphaned showroom display items may allow you to save money when you just need a few pieces. These leftovers are often on clearance.
  • Ask about discounts for repeat customers or referral programs where you get a reward for sending more business a vendor’s way. Even if this is not part of their formal policy, sales reps sometimes have the ability to give discounts at their discretion if it will help boost their overall numbers for the month.


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