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Designing the Ideal Reception Experience dishes on how difficult it is to design the ideal reception area. It’s easy to make mistakes that lead to draughts of cold or hot air, glare from too much sunlight, and other uncomfortable working conditions for frontline staff. The comfort of visitors can be overlooked as well. Poor reception furniture selections and excessive security measures that impede the flow of traffic are two areas where many transitional spaces fall short and seem unwelcoming.

Then there’s the issue of branding. How much of a statement do you want to make with your lobby? Is discrete signage sufficient? What about the colors and materials that contribute to the look and feel of the space? Should the reception desk be ostentatious? Artistic? Inviting?

Naturally, one of the solutions suggested for navigating these design questions is to make sure facility managers are involved early in the planning process. Their practical input is just as critical as that of the architect designing the space in determining how functional the reception area can be.


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