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A pair of office cubicles in a modern office setting.

Cubicles are a staple in any modern workplace as they give employees a defined space to work while helping to create a greater sense of organization in the office. If you’re looking for exceptional cubicles that can elevate your office, the team at COE Office is here to help. We have over 40 years of experience and can help you at every step, from the initial consultation to final installations.

Modern Office Cubicles For Sale

Cubicles are the most flexible and economical way to transform your office space. We offer a wide selection of office cubicle colors, styles and finishes. Give your team a sense of privacy and ownership with a FREE custom office space plan from COE!

In addition to a wide variety of cubicle options to meet your needs, we have a fantastic selection of office furniture to complement your cubicle space. Some of our furniture options include:

  • Office desks: Whether you want to match your current office design or are looking to use your furniture to elevate your office environment, we have a wide selection of desk options to explore.
  • Seating: Choose from stylish, ergonomic seating options like our rolling desk chairs or chairs with exceptional lumbar support.
  • Height-adjustable desks: Our team can find a height-adjustable desk or table to meet your office environment and pair it with an ergonomic chair for improved employee comfort. 

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Office Cubicles and Partitions

We have several partition options available, including free-standing, panel-mounted and privacy partitions. Our partitions are easy to install and reconfigure for endless floor layout options. Some additional benefits of our stylish cubicle partitions include the following:

  • Create structure and flow: Implementing partitions into your workspace allows you to differentiate areas for specific purposes while still maintaining the overall flow of your space. Using partitions can also help employees flow between areas for greater productivity. 
  • Builds feelings of inclusion: Using office partitions allows employees to have a sense of their own space while still feeling connected to the overall company. Instead of closing a door and having little to no connection with anyone else in the office, partitions allow employees to remain a part of the larger office throughout their work day. 
  • Enhance office aesthetics: While office partitions offer a range of functional benefits, they provide aesthetic benefits as well, like being available in many different shapes, sizes and colors. As we design your office, we can choose which of our cubicle walls for sale will best match your office’s color scheme and furniture for a cohesive and beautiful space.

Office Cubicles for Every Industry

Throughout our years in business, we have been fortunate enough to provide cubicle solutions for a variety of industries, including:

  • Professional, scientific and technical
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Government

Buy and Shop Office Cubicles in San Diego

If you are a new business, or even an established office running at peak profitability, there are several advantages of using cubicles:

COE offers a variety of office cubicle types (contemporary, quickship, pre-owned and more), and as always, if you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask!

1. Cubicles allow you to create private or semi-private work areas, perfect for increasing employee productivity and improving morale.

2. Cubicles make it easy to reconfigure your offices to accommodate a dynamic and changing work environment.

3. Sound dampening and employee privacy. If your business makes 1 call a day or tens of thousands, COE can help lessen the office chatter through our cubicles. A good cubicle system is an investment in your business.

4. If you change locations – that’s perfectly okay! You can take your COE cubicles with you, versus building out private offices, which are not mobile.

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Not sure which configuration is best for your office? Our team can provide free 2D and 3D space plans to help you visualize your space and see which of our products would work best.