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A pair of office cubicles in a modern office setting.

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Cubicles are the most flexible and economical way to transform your office space. We offer a wide selection of office cubicle colors, styles and finishes. Give your team a sense of privacy and ownership with a FREE custom office space plan from COE!

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If you are a new business, or even an established office running at peak profitability, there are several advantages of using cubicles:

COE offers a variety of office cubicle types (contemporary, quickship, pre-owned and more), and as always, if you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask!

1. Cubicles allow you to create private or semi-private work areas, perfect for increasing employee productivity and improving morale.

2. Cubicles make it easy to reconfigure your offices to accommodate a dynamic and changing work environment.

3. Sound dampening and employee privacy. If your business makes 1 call a day or tens of thousands, COE can help lessen the office chatter through our cubicles. A good cubicle system is an investment in your business.

4. If you change locations – that’s perfectly okay! You can take your COE cubicles with you, versus building out private offices, which are not mobile.