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Cubicles Versus an Open Workspace Environment

An ongoing debate continues between the use of cubicles versus the open work space in an office environment.

While the open office plan has become all the rage among many businesses, it may not foster the best work environment. It seems that 70 percent of U.S. offices have no or low partitions. These open floor plans are causing more employee stress due to a lack of privacy and constant disruption of concentration.

Business owners often opt for the open floor plan as a way to keep an eye on employees and to keep production levels high. However, the opposite is happening. More disruptive conversations are occurring throughout the day which breaks employee’s focus and concentration.

The lack of privacy is another huge issue with an open floor plan. There is no control over limiting distractions or personalizing employee work space. This can make employees feel more self-conscious about their movement around the office.

In an open office space, there is a feeling of being watched each time an employee leaves their work station. A person can’t help but feel that someone is always aware of how many times they go to the restroom, take breaks, and what time they leave for the day. If a sales team is part of the open floor plan, it makes it even more difficult to focus as everyone nearby is able to listen to every phone call being made.

Cubicles seem to win out amongst most employees. Most prefer having their privacy, minimal distractions, and the ability to personalize their workspace. These are key factors in maintaining high production levels and overall employee satisfaction.

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