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Cubicle Walls: San Diego Employees Can Add Their Own

If you worked in a cubicle all day, how much would you be willing to fork over for a little extra privacy? For the low, low price of $250 it’s possible to add a privacy screen to most cubicle systems on the market. These translucent polycarbonate panels from ACCO are an example of why Quartet® products are so popular. Besides cutting down on interruptions, the screen includes a mini whiteboard with a marker tray. Coworkers who need to leave a message can write it down for you – or just slap a sticky note anywhere on the screen’s surface. Of course, it’s probably a good idea to check these notes regularly to make sure nobody left one that says “Do not disturb – employee sleeping”.

The top mounting device on the screen fits panel widths from 1.25”-3.25” and heights from 50-72”. The brushed aluminum frame will blend with most modern office environments. Screens are available in both 36”x45” and 38”x64” varieties to be used with an even wider range of cubicle walls. San Diego offices that have exterior windows to let in the sun are especially well suited to incorporating these screens. Natural light passes through and keeps the interior of the cube from being too gloomy. However, unlike glass, these durable plastic screens are shatterproof.


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