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Cubicle Used for Total Enclosure

Those of us who have worked in an office environment have all probably used cubicles as a place to hide from annoying coworkers. But, what if your cube was actually like a house for your top half? To see a cubicle used for giving employees total privacy from the knees up, check out this unique “House on a Table” concept workstation – complete with a roof.

Designer Soojin Hyun has created a cubicle that recaptures a sense of childlike play. She believes having a private space of their own is what adults crave. This is a step up from the sheet tents of our youth. Each tiny office can be constructed to match the user’s preferences. With 5 different roof options and 16 wall choices (including walls with windows or bookcases), there is no shortage of potential permutations. Hyun envisions these being used alone or in groups to create a “town” inside a modern office environment.


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