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Cubicle Partitions Save Man’s Life

Vintage AirplaneIn unusual cubicle news, this year is the 60th anniversary of the fateful crash of “The Star Girl” – an aircraft that went down near Llandow in Wales. One of the few survivors of that accident, Melville Thomas, credits his timely visit to the plane’s lavatory for saving his life. The steel toilet cubicle partitions provided some protection when the airplane went down.

Thomas was one of only 3 survivors out of 83 passengers and crew on board the unfortunate flight. He sustained significant injuries while the other two survivors walked away virtually unscathed. At that time, it was one of the worst air disaster that had ever occurred. As you can imagine, Thomas has not flown again in the 6 decades since his harrowing experience. Those of us working safely in our office cubicles today can be thankful that our feet are planted firmly on the ground!


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