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Cubicle Installers and Professional Courtesy

If you are an office furniture customer, there are some basic guarantees you should expect from your vendor. For example, the dealer should warrant that the products being delivered are free from defects and that there won’t be any components missing. On top of this, there is a basic level of professionalism you should be able to expect from the team of cubicle installers.


First, they should arrive at your office site at the scheduled time. A delayed installation can cause disruption for your workforce – especially if employees have been moved to temporary workstations in preparation for the setup of the new cubicles. A professional install team knows this and respects your time.

Properly Dressed

Second, the way the members of the install team dress should let you know who they are. A shirt bearing the vendor’s logo or a clearly displayed ID badge shows you that the dealer is proud to have these employees represent their company. They won’t be wearing suits and ties since this is physical work, but clean blue jeans and a polo shirt are a fairly standard “uniform” that indicate the cubicle installers take their job seriously.

Speedy but Careful

Third, the cubicle installation should be carried out as efficiently as possible so that you can start using the office space. In addition, the cubicle installers should take care to protect both the cubicle components and the rest of your property from damage. This is one reason you may see pieces wrapped in moving blankets for transportation through your facility. Any debris or trash (such as packing materials) that accumulates in the workspace during the installation process should be cleaned up by the installers – without you having to ask.

Knowledgeable and Thorough

Fourth, these employees should be happy to let you watch them work and willing to answer your questions. This way, you understand how the cubicles are put together in case you want to make modifications later. Finally, a trained installer should be present to do a final walk-through with you to ensure that the job has been completed to meet or exceed your expectations.  That’s not too much to ask!


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