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Cubelets are the Ultimate Cubicle Accessory

YouTube is well known for being one of the greatest time wasters on Planet Earth. But sometimes, you run across something that really is too great not to share. Feel free to blame Garrett O’Brien at The HRIS World for helping this video go viral. The Cubelets are little robotic blocks that you can fit together in an almost endless variety of ways to create a cube-creature to do your bidding.

Each block is designed to perform a different function. Some roll around, rotate, speak, or shine on cue. Others are designed to respond to stimuli in the environment such as heat or proximity. You decide on the assembly order and configuration that will achieve what you want (usually, simply entertainment). It wouldn’t surprise me to find that the Modular Robotics company has a pre-order list to rival that of the latest smartphone. Wouldn’t you want to have one of these robots on your desk at work?


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