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Crunching Office Furniture Numbers

Darren Fleming has written a fascinating piece for the Ottawa Business Journal about the connection between outdated office furniture and high office lease expenses. Darren points out that a company with 10 year old furniture may be paying far too much for office space. That’s because older workstations are designed for use with older technology. Today’s workers can perform efficiently with smaller desks since the space requirements for a desktop PC (or laptop) have shrunk so much. Moving to a smaller office space and filling it with furniture that supports the way 21st century employees really work creates an opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars per year. Fleming posits that this would more than defray the cost of moving and buying new furniture to outfit a more efficient work space. Full ROI would likely be achieved over just 2-3 years. After that, all the money you save on your lease goes straight into your profit column.

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