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Cricket Wireless In San Diego: Used Office Furniture Donor

There are lots of ways local businesses can give to worthy causes in San Diego. Used office furniture is always a welcome gift for non-profits that want to cut their administrative overhead. Cricket Wireless took a proactive approach to seeking out recipients this year and selected a number of charitable organizations to receive their old office furniture. The company recently relocated to a new, energy efficient building and decided to outfit the space with eco-friendly furniture to boost their sustainability initiative. Of course, to be really “green” they also had to do something with their unwanted items that didn’t involve a trip to the landfill.

The San Diego Food Bank received furniture donations of items such as shelving valued at over $100,000. They will be using these pieces at the food bank itself. Habitat for Humanity is taking a different approach to getting the most out of the used furniture they received from Cricket. Those office pieces ended up in the ReStore shop for sale to the public. Proceeds from ReStore sales are used to purchase building materials and fund the construction of more homes for low-income families. You can hear more from both of these recipient organizations on the June 14th clip from KUSI Channel 51 at the Habitat for Humanity website.


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