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Could Your Office Furniture Save Your Life

Elizabeth Barrett wrote an article this month for the Gothenburg Times that paints a disturbing picture of the future workplace. Over the last few years, there has been an increased focus in the media on “killing sprees” at public places, schools and workplaces. The fact is that workplace violence (including gun violence) is not new. Recent statistics posted over at Stericycle reveal that 1 out of 9 workplace fatalities in 2010 were homicides.

Today, law enforcement officials, risk and security professionals and employers are all beginning to think seriously about what type of safety plan is needed for the average workplace. One of the tips offered by a police sergeant in Barrett’s article was to ensure, “knowledge by employees of how to secure doors to offices that might include barricades like furniture.”

If you were at work when a gunman entered your office building, would you know what office furniture to use as a barricade? What pieces of furniture can you move quickly by yourself? Which ones are fixed to the floor or wall? Which ones require more than one person to budge? Which ones could be used to jam a doorknob?

These are scary questions to consider, but the desk you work at for a living just might save your life in a crisis.


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