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Cool Workstation Accessories from Steelcase

There’s a short video on that features some functional and attractive cube accessories. Steelcase consultant Chondra Turner clearly explains and demonstrates the usefulness of each tool. There’s a fully articulated monitor arm that lets workers move their flat screen about at will without taking up worksurface space.

The whiteboard hidden inside the cubicle wall is especially innovative. It pulls out to create an extra privacy panel and encloses the cube to turn it into an instant meeting pod. The vertically oriented storage bin is another nice touch if you don’t like too much bulk overhead. Another item you can see in the video that isn’t specifically mentioned is the rail system that can hold additional tools like pencil cups and letter trays.

Of course, the thing that’s the most fun about this video is counting how many times the spokesperson says “If you will” over the course of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It’s probably the most sophisticated nervous verbal tick you’ve ever heard!


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