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Cool Office Furniture: Sit-to-Walkstation

One of the all-time best examples of cool office furniture is the treadmill workstation from Steelcase. The version that lets you alternate between sitting and walking is even cooler. Standing for 8 hours a day isn’t any better for you than sitting for that long. So, having the option to rest or exercise whenever you like is the best of both worlds. The Sit-to-Walkstation by “details” takes the original treadmill/desk and makes it more adaptable. You can fit both the treadmill and a regular office chair into the workspace and simply switch from one to the other.

The worksurface can be adjusted for the correct height whether you choose to sit or stand. The best part is that you don’t have to use any tools or throw your back out moving the worksurface up and down. That’s taken care of with an automated lift mechanism. All you have to do is push a button to change your workstation into a workout center.

Steelcase recommends that users install the following accessories along with their Sit-to-Walkstation:

  • Flat panel monitor arm
  • Wireless keyboard (without a palm rest)
  • Wireless mouse
  • Hands free phone headset

Treadmill Basic Features

The treadmill itself can be set for speeds between .3 and 2 miles per hour. Sure, that’s not exactly speedy; but any faster than that and you probably wouldn’t be able to type or use your mouse while you walk. You can check the console to see your speed, distance, calories burned, and time. This means you can track your progress from week to week as you spend more of your day walking and fewer hours sitting.

User Reviews

Is this workstation just a gimmick or is it a viable alternative to traditional office furniture? Users of this device give it a pretty good rating overall. The equipment isn’t completely silent, but it’s quiet enough to let you concentrate on work. You will need to wear appropriate athletic shoes when you use the treadmill – not slick soled office shoes or pumps. It may also be a good idea to stretch out at the beginning of your day and after each session on the Walkstation. Of course, you don’t want your cool office furniture to leave you hot and sticky. If you’re worried about sweating throughout the day as you work and walk, stash some non-scented baby wipes in your desk to fix that problem.


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