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Contract Brand Report for Cubicles

It’s not just TV that gets Nielsen ratings. Cubicles get their turn in the spotlight as well. The Contract brand report awareness survey for November 2011 looks at office furniture through the eyes of design and architectural firms. The top 5 winners in the furniture systems category reads like a “who’s who” of the biggest names in the industry. Here’s a quick peek at what the people hired to design today’s office environments think of as the best recognized brands.

  1. Herman Miller

This isn’t surprising since Herman Miller does more to publicize its brand than any other office furniture firm. They also have some of the most unusual designs like the standalone screen and canopy Resolve system.

  1. Steelcase

In contrast to the average business leader, professionals in the architecture and design fields are very familiar with Steelcase. The products aren’t quite as flashy as Herman Miller, but they fully match HM when it comes to high quality and versatility. For example, the Avenir system is based on a 6” module for extensive flexibility (plus, it can be used with or without panels).

  1. Knoll

Here’s another product line noted for agility and ease of planning. Most of the designs, like Dividends Horizon, are heavy on the concept of straight lines and sharp corners. But there’s still plenty of wiggle room for creating a softer look with the many surface options Knoll provides.

  1. Haworth

This company is a frequent winner of awards for sustainability and design innovation. Some of Haworth’s most attractive cubicles are those finished with wood veneer. Each veneer and furniture style is perfectly matched to evoke a different era – while still offering timeless beauty.

  1. Allsteel

There’s nothing wrong with coming in at #5 when you’re still outranking other major players like HON and Teknion. This firm certainly has worked hard to develop an edge in the speed department. The Concensys line of cubicles is part of Allsteel’s 5-Day Express Solutions® program.


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