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Contemporary Office Furniture – San Diego Style

Are you considering outfitting an office space with contemporary office furniture? San Diego businesses that like to blend a relaxed work atmosphere with professional interior design have plenty of choices when it comes to modern office furnishings. While this style can be hard to define, there are some features that generally set contemporary pieces apart from traditional, utilitarian, and classical office furniture.

  • Genuine wood veneer in lighter shades (like cherry and maple) is a favorite for modern furnishings – especially when detailed with chrome and/or glass.
  • If non-wood laminates and fabrics are used for workstations and chairs, these may feature bright colors such as tangerine, plum, and aqua. White is often selected to serve as a base for these vibrant accents.
  • Cubicles often include frosted glass and other specialty materials that can be installed interchangeably with fabric and laminate tiles to add interest and improve functionality.
  • Chairs are streamlined – often featuring mesh rather than traditional upholstery.

What elements of contemporary office furniture design do you find most compelling? Let us know in the comments.


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