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Conflux Lights from Teknion – A Sensory Experience

One of Teknion’s newer additions to its product line is the Conflux task lighting collection. Like many other fresh and innovative office lighting pieces, these are all about three letters: L-E-D. Fluorescents are so last year!

These sleek aluminum lighting pieces are available in articulated freestanding desktop, panel mounted, and floor lamps as well as under-cabinet models. The bright glow from the LED lamp is softened by an optic prism to reduce glare and shadows. A dimmer switch lets the user adjust down to just 10% of the lamp’s maximum output when less light is needed.

The passive infrared sensor for human presence detection can identify body heat to turn the light on and keep it on. This is more effective than a motion sensor since it offers 360 degree sensing and doesn’t turn off if the user is sitting too still. A Power Mat wireless charging base and a USB charging port can be included upon request.


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