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Computer Office Furniture: San Diego Workshifting Options

Are you looking for ways to save on computer office furniture? San Diego based Telework Research Network recently published study results indicating that businesses that permit telecommuting can save big bucks. The researchers estimate a $10,000 savings annually for allowing just one employee to work from home 50% of the time. Plus, the worker would experience cost and time savings equal to about $6800 per year. Go read the full article over at Greenbiz to see a breakdown of the benefits of telework for employers that are willing to take that leap.

If the trend toward telework or “workshifting” continues to grow, business owners will need to start rethinking their office furniture choices. Cubicle systems will still be a core feature since they are easy to allocate on an as-needed basis for employees that are in the office. However, there may also be a need for temporary workstations that are designed to support just a computer rather than including filing space and a large worksurface. The computer desk shown here is a good example of a solution that could serve as a flexible workstation to be shared by employees who split their time between home and office work. For workers who use a laptop, the furniture could be even simpler. A tabletop with a data port might be sufficient.


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