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Commercial Furniture Designers Do Residential – Part 4

For the final post in our series on furniture that can be used in office or home settings, let’s explore what Knoll has to offer. The company has quite an extensive collection – including pint sized furnishings designed for kids.

Maya Lin Stones

These colorful indoor/outdoor “stones” are made of molded polyethylene. Every surface is fully finished and enclosed for weather resistance. They come in adult and child sized seating versions with a cupped surface and table models with a slightly concave top to prevent moisture accumulation. You can add weight to the bottom of the stone to prevent tipping or anchor it to the ground with an optional kit. These stones would look cozy on a patio or add spice to an outdoor break area at a business.


The Jamaica barstool would fit in with the trend for having lightning fast “standup” meetings at the office. They are lightweight enough for easy relocation throughout the facility as needed. They would also work great in a black and white themed kitchen or by a wet bar. The sculpted aluminum seat is easy to clean and comfortable enough to use without a cushion.

Side Table

This occasional table is one of Frank Gehry’s signature pieces – literally. The designer’s signature and the production date are embossed on the underside of each unit. The wooden slat structure is supposed to remind you of apple crates. This rustic table would work in a casual meeting area at an eco-friendly company or in a home conservatory as a place to set pots of African violets.


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