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Commercial Furniture Designers Do Residential – Part 2

Last week, we explored some of the crossover furniture from Haworth that could work in either a business or residential space. Today, let’s take a look at what Herman Miller has to offer. Of course, HM is well known in design circles for famous pieces like the Eames chairs. You’ll see this home furniture in modern art and design museums all across the country. Here are some other items you might find of interest in the online store:

Capelli Stool

This occasional stool would be a lovely addition to a collaborative workspace or a sunroom with a reading nook. The design is both intricate and elegantly simple with interlaced wooden fingers that resemble an open book. The pale wood can figure into a very broad range of design motifs.

Cognita Storage Bench

This piece doubles as a storage unit with seating. Tuck this away in a conference meeting area for supplemental seating and a place to keep audio visual accessories, extra pens, and more. It would also fit in a living room near the entertainment center or in a home office.

Folding Screen

This Eames plywood folding screen can be incorporated into a freestanding panel system to build a temporary brainstorming space or to increase privacy for high-concentration work. It’s also a great option for dividing living areas. Give the kids a place to play out of the way or create additional conversational mingling areas during a family event.


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