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Collaborative Ideas for Cubicle Enhancement

Have you ever participated in a Wiki? Do you want to? There’s one you can probably contribute to if you’ve ever worked in a cubicle. It’s a list of creative ways to “Turn Your Office Cubicle Into Your Personal Sanctuary”. Here, you can find all kinds of tips from organizing your desk space to making it feel more like home.

There are lots of categories you can review and add suggestions to including:

  • Ways to remove clutter
  • How to use lighting most effectively
  • How to add personalization and inspiration
  • Way to use sound to make your cube more peaceful
  • Animals you might bring to work with you (like fish)
  • How to use customized dishware to make sipping a beverage or snacking at your desk more appealing

As a Wiki user, you can edit the content to add your own bright ideas. What’s your idea of a perfect cubicle sanctuary?


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