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Closed and Open Office Furniture

Are you trying to find the right balance between your closed and open office furniture systems? There’s a very specific “typology” that encompasses both formal and informal, business and relaxation, work and hospitality, enclosure and collaboration. These furnishings are both less than and more than cubicles. They are designed to bring people together while also ensuring more freedom of movement and privacy within the workplace. They are part of the underlying support structure that may help usher in the new era of hot-desking and free employees from assigned workstations.

Wonder what we’re talking about? Check out the examples and an in-depth analysis of this trend at Here’s an excerpt “… A raft of the new office systems and furniture programs have appeared that would seem to reflect the zeitgeist of contemporary office culture – one which ostensibly privileges both group intelligence and idea-generating communication between co-workers on the one hand and a sense of privacy bound up with notions of concentration and productivity on the other…”

Do see a place in your own organization for this office furniture typology? Let us know in the comments.


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