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Choosing the Right Office Furniture for Your Hospital and Medical Office

We’re lucky to have yet another guest post! This time, the topic is office furniture for healthcare settings. LPN Heather Green is a freelance writer for several regional magazines in North Carolina and a resident blogger for Here are her tips for facility managers who are tasked with outfitting the administrative side of a hospital or medical office:

When most people considering furnishing a hospital, the focus is on the medical equipment used primarily by the patients. There are beds, exam tables, food carts, surgical carts, crash carts and many other items that someone opening a hospital needs to worry about. Many people do not consider the office furniture that is just as important as the medical equipment. Some hospital supply businesses will offer office furniture as well; but you may be able to save money by using a traditional supplier. When you are choosing office furniture for a hospital, you will want to choose items that can be disinfected and that will wear well. Look for modern upholstery textiles that are specifically designed for durability, germ resistance and easy sanitization.

Cubicles and Office Equipment

Many people do not realize the maze of offices that are used to help a hospital run. There is usually an area of the hospital devoted to offices such as the billing department and the administrative offices. For this part of the hospital, it makes more sense to order from an office furniture supplier rather than from a medical supplier. When you begin to order the furniture, you should have a specific design in mind. You can order cubicles that you can build in a larger room. This option will give you more flexibility with your larger office spaces.

When you order, you can create continuity of design that moves throughout the hospital. There are other areas of the hospital that can benefit from office furniture that you would purchase from an office supply dealer. Working closely with a local supplier allows you to view a wide variety of items and to find the right price for your merchandise. It is important to consider quality and how long you will need to use the furniture before you replace it when you are making your purchases as well.


Another area of the hospital where it will be beneficial to purchase office furniture for the hospital is the lobby. Many hospital lobbies have an information desk for patients and visitors. The desk should be nice and professional and you can choose from a variety of formal desks when choosing the desk for the hospital lobby. Additionally, you can purchase items for your hospital waiting rooms from a hospital supply store. You will want to choose comfortable chairs that are easy to clean and sanitize. Do not forget to purchase end tables and artwork for the lobby and the hallways as well.

Nurses’ Stations

Additionally, you can order the office furniture you need at the nurses stations from an office furniture dealer. Many of the nurses’ stations are just sections set aside on the floor. Within the nurses stations, you may need to provide desks and chairs that the nurses need to complete their charting. The options offered through cubicles as well as desk chairs can make building each nurses station easier. Additionally, you can custom order for each nurses’ stations, which may have different layouts depending on the hospitals design and layout.


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