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Choosing the Right Office Chairs

If you are furnishing an office, you’ve probably already decided on a layout – whether it is an open design or full of tidy cubicles. But how do you know what office chairs will fit your – and your employees’ – needs?

For workers who spend a huge amount of time in their cubicle or office chair, it’s comfort is second only to one’s bed insofar as affecting physical and emotional health are concerned. Productivity goes way up when workers are comfortable!

When some workers want a chair with lumbar support, and others demand armrests, choosing an overall office chair for your matching cubicles can get tricky. Is it fair to expect people of all sizes, shapes, and health to conform to the same chair?

While the expense might be greater, allowing your workers a “chair allowance” and setting them loose to choose their own chair might be a worthy idea. Anything that fits in the budget is fair game, and they can add to the budget out of their own pocket if they demand a specialty office chair.

For large cubicle filled offices with a large employee turnover or shared spaces, a universal chair might be required. Keep in mind that office chairs with high backs) may be comfortable for reading or meeting with other people but are not usually supportive enough for time spent working at a computer or desk. For this use, you may need computer or task chairs that go as high as mid back. There are some exceptions, of course, but budgetary concerns may prevent you fro equipping your entire office with $300 chairs!

When looking for universal office chairs, the following checklist may be helpful:

  • Rolling chairs are almost a must in cubicle offices.
  • Adjustable height is also a must have. Not everyone is built the same!
  • Lumbar support can really make the difference for your employees who spend 8+ hours a day at their desk ding intensive work.
  • Sturdy build and durable covering are two more things to look for – spending a little more for a longer lasting chair cuts replacement costs to a minimum.

What kind of office chairs do you prefer?


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