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Choose Recycled: Office Furniture Deserves A Second Chance

Recycled office furniture has its pros and cons, but the benefits are undeniable. If you purchase from a reputable dealer, the items you receive will be in good condition and the price will be cut to the bone. Experienced refurbishers know how to remove dirt and stains from many types of furniture textiles. You won’t be squicked out by receiving an office chair that still has Dorito crumbs in the creases. Scuff marks and scratches may not be eliminated entirely, but each used item is touched up in preparation for its new home in your work environment.

Dealers that support sustainable office furniture practices also know when it’s time to simply start over and resurface a cubicle panel or workstation. They have the tools and supplies to return a piece of furniture to factory condition – and it’s still cheaper than buying new.

You can also rest assured that you will receive sound advice on how to dispose of your old furniture in the most eco-friendly way. It may be refurbished again for use by another company; or it may be broken down into its components for post-consumer recycling. Materials such as steel are almost 100% recoverable and many plastics can also be reclaimed.


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