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Check Out These Office Furniture Textiles from HON

Like most high-end cubicle and office chair manufacturers, HON offers several categories of fabric choices for customers. There’s a “core” set of textiles including 180 options for seating and 90 fabrics for systems furniture. Beyond this, there are 200 additional options provided with standard lead times (and HON’s limited lifetime warranty) in the “Select” line.

For the most trendy and exotic textiles, HON is partnering with Maharam and Momentum Group in its Smart Textiles program. These fabrics are considered COM (customer’s own material), so they are warranted only by the fabric manufacturer. On the plus side, there are over 2000 gorgeous options available from these “Smart” partners. The blend of patterns, colors, and textures you can use to outfit your office environment is almost unlimited.

Special Fabric Features

Various HON textiles boast characteristics that make them suitable for specific applications. For example, the Crypton fabrics incorporate a moisture barrier. This helps prevent stains, odors, and microbes from penetrating the surface and taking up residence in the fibers. Permablock takes this imperviousness to the next level. It’s abrasion-resistant vinyl that can be readily cleaned. This textile is a favorite in healthcare and educational settings where germs abound.

Office Chair Upholstery

Next generation fabrics feature Nano-Tex spill and stain protection embedded in the textile fibers for long lasting protection of seating fabrics. Solution-dyed nylon is another workhorse for seating upholstery that is designed for continuous use. Unlike most other fabrics, it can be cleaned with bleach and carries a 10 year warranty for wear and tear.

Eco-Friendly Options

Green options like Terratex are made from 100% recycled or compostable materials that are green from the beginning through the end of their life cycle. Repreve is another eco-friendly choice made from 100% recycled polyester. The Greenshield finish added to certain seating textiles repels water and stains with less harmful chemicals than traditional stain protectants.


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