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Can’t Stand the Standing Trend?

4778399254 09359e09c9 nAre you annoyed when you see the umpteenth article making the Twitter rounds about how sitting at work is akin to a death sentence? You are not alone. TreeHugger describes this backlash against the standing desk “mania” in an entertaining article here. Apparently, some people are treating this furniture like a fad. They experience lots of enthusiasm followed by disappointment at the lack of instant results. As it turns out, standing all day isn’t really that comfortable – especially if you’ve been sedentary for the last decade or three. That’s a good reason to consider a sit-to-stand workstation rather than becoming a fanatic who refuses to sit at all. Yes, this means paying more for an adjustable height table rather than a fixed height standing desk. But this trend is supposed to be all about movement, isn’t it?


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