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Canadian Office Furniture Brands

As I mentioned last week in my BIFMA post, the U.S. imports quite a bit of office furniture from our neighbors to the north. There are hundreds of manufacturers in Canada and many are well known for their eco-friendly practices, fine workmanship, and attention to ergonomic details. Here are profiles of office furniture brands for a few cubicle, workstation, and seating companies based in Canada:


This organization doesn’t just make ergonomic seating, they are committed to making sure employees are actually taking advantage of all the bells and whistles on their chairs. Check out their interactive end user guide that takes you through the entire adjustment process. They have lots of specialty seating options for cleanrooms and other exacting environments.

LEDA Furniture

A family owned business with 40+ years of experience, this company keeps adding new products to its line and growing steadily over time. They produce both wood veneer and solid wood furniture that is exquisitely finished. Their custom veneer artwork is especially lovely and would make a powerful statement in any boardroom, reception area, or corner office.


The folks at this Canadian company shoot straight from the hip when it comes to talking about environmental policy. Their web page discussing sustainable practices starts with the statement “Tayco likes the world.” You can’t get much more basic than that. The systems furniture collections from this manufacturer include the very trendy Cosmopolitan line that is designed for cost efficiency and low impact on the planet…because they like it like that.


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