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Can Refurbished Office Cubicles Delay ‘Peak Oil’?

Could buying refurbished office cubicles in lieu of new ones delay the day when we run out of fossil fuels? That’s one conclusion you might reach after reading a news article on oil shortages caused by new cubicle manufacturing. The link between the ubiquity of cubicles in the work place and the dwindling global oil supply is disturbing.

In fact, it’s being reported on CNN. No, not the well known TV network – I’m talking about the Cubicle News Network. This spoof news website authored by William R. Vitanyi, Jr. is a truly fun time waster. Of course, since ‘Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing’ (WILB) has now been scientifically proven to increase productivity you might not get in trouble for surfing over there to take a peek.

On a serious note, refurbished office cubicles do save on energy use and raw materials. That’s one reason they are less expensive than brand new panel systems.


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