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Buying and Selling Cubicle Systems: San Diego a Hot Spot

Did you know there is a “Craig’s List” of sorts for buying and selling cubicle systems? San Diego, Dallas, St. Louis, Clearwater – plenty of big cities are featured on the website. This information clearinghouse lets office furniture companies advertise their wares and liquidation services. They also provide space for people to request leads on items they need. This might be entire cubicles or just end finish pieces or other components. Unfortunately, most of the current listings on this site appear to be inactive – either deleted or expired.

Folks looking for items that are compatible with their existing systems might have better luck trying the manufacturer. Of course, that does mean paying full price. Plus, you’re out of luck if a particular component has been discontinued. If you are seeking specific parts for your older cubicle systems, San Diego used office furniture dealers who know all the best places to look might be able to source these for you. That’s a good approach to try if you don’t feel like placing an ad and taking your chances on an online transaction with someone you’ve never met.


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