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Cubicle SuppliesThere is an entire culture that has grown up around cubicle supplies. These days, just having a useful item at your desk isn’t enough. It needs to be a strange or beautiful conversation piece – or something you can get really passionate about. Everyone is looking for the perfect accessory to make their desk stand out in a cube farm. The sheer variety of supplies for cubicles is stunning. Enjoy browsing!

Lamp in a BoxFun and Freaky

Joi at Office Freaks knows how to ferret out the hippest and most unique cube accessories. Check out the recent post on fair trade stuffed Desk Buddies for a warm and fuzzy feeling. Or, spark your imagination with your very own Lamp in a Box. This blog is definitely the hot spot for “cubicle interior” design.

The folks at Style My Cube offer information on desktop toys as well. For example, they’ve got the cutest photo of a faux dog you can take to work. It will snooze away on your desk while you toil. Also, check out the tool belt you can affix to a regular coffee mug to turn it into an advanced pencil organizer.

For a more violent twist, visit the “Happy Worker” for tips on building an arsenal of weapons made from traditional office cubicle supplies. Warning: some of these might actually function as intended – so don’t try this at home (or in the workplace!)

Surprising Addictions

Sharpie MarkerDid you know there is a whole online community devoted to writing implements? There are literally dozens of blogs covering everything from modern fountain pens to the latest release from Sharpie. A $2 Bic ballpoint is not an acceptable option for these hard core pen lovers. They need a comfortable barrel grip, smooth flow of ink with no smearing, and a gorgeous aesthetic. You can get the scoop on real life product testing on just about any pen, pencil, marker, highlighter, or eraser at sites like Office Supply Geek and The Pen Addict.

The pen aficionados don’t have the market cornered when it comes to insisting on quality. There is a whole other subculture that focuses on notebooks. It’s all about the paper with these people. The weight, texture, binding, ruling, these little things can make or break a notebook. Once you get used to having luxury pens and paper at your desk, you’ll never go back to cheap cubicle supplies.


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