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Brighten Up Your Cubicle’s Vista With Original Artwork

44 PaintbrushesModern cubicle manufacturers offer a lot of visual interest in their product designs. They incorporate colorful fabrics, glass panels, lovely wood veneers, and more. However, if your company has old fashion grey fabric panels, the view from inside your workstation may be pretty dreary. Changing your cubicle’s vista from dull to interesting may be up to you.

The good news is that you are not entirely alone. Artist David Wenell has made it his mission in life to beautify cubicles with original art pieces. This lucky devil is a stay at home dad, but there’s a good chance that he was subjected to a boring cubicle at one time. His oil and watercolor paintings often focus on otherworldly landscapes bursting with color. At less than $25 per painting, this guy isn’t looking to strike it rich. He’s just doing his own small part to brighten up your workday.

Check out his collection to see if something strikes your fancy. Think you can do better? Pick up some paints at the craft store and make your own cubicle art!


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