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Breaking Through Cubicle Clichés

Last week, we gave the office furniture companies that design cubicles a bit of a hard time about lacking true imagination. Well, we take it back – at least partly. We forgot about this little BusinessWeek slideshow from way back that showcases some pretty sweet concept cubicles that various manufacturers created to give the cube back its cool. For example, you have to admit that Steelcase’s “Studio 53” is pretty groovy, Baby. It looks like just the kind of place we’d like to work – if by work you mean kick back with a double shot of vodka while doing an assortment of recreational substances with a bunch of half-dressed strangers. Oh, wait, that was Studio 54 back in the day (or so they say). We also think the A3 Furniture System from Knoll is delicious.

But if you click through the whole slideshow, you’ll be struck by the fact that most of these cubicles look pretty similar. Changing the colors or the storage options does not make it a truly innovative design. The name of the article “Curing the Common Cubicle” also made us chortle. If you watched Mad Men, you know why. Looks like someone needs to go back to marketing school to come up with a new tagline…


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