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‘Bike New York’ Seeks Secondhand Office Furniture

Secondhand office furniture isn’t just a popular choice for companies that need to save money. It’s also becoming a fashionable option for organizations that want to gain a reputation for making sustainable choices. That’s why non-profit Bike New York recently turned to EthoSource to furnish its NYC offices. The decision to use pre-owned office furniture was a no-brainer for an organization that promotes cycling for better personal and environmental health.

The NPO did say they had a few issues with other vendors not following through to meet requirements on Bike New York’s tight deadline. That’s one issue to consider if you want to furnish a high volume office space with refurbished office furniture. You need to make sure your dealer has access to sufficient supplies of liquidated furnishings to meet demand. The upside is that pre-owned furniture (that’s in good condition) can be touched up and made ready for use with a much shorter lead time than ordering new from a manufacturer. If that idea appeals to you, check out San Diego Cubicles Office Environment’s current inventory of used office furniture online. Or, call to see what our consultants can rustle up for you in a hurry.


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