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BETA Cubicle Work Stations For The 21st Century

It seems like someone is always coming up with a newer, greener innovation in the cubicle industry. Here’s an exciting and visually arresting series of cubicle work stations from Italy. The concept for these BETA cubicles from Tecno is to provide a layout that is both collaborative and “head down” at the same time. All employees have to do is swivel their chair to switch venues.

The core of each BETA module is the “backbone”. These are a worksurface, cable management, and filing solution combined. They can be connected in a series of Y and L joint configurations that give the office space a distinctly organic feel. The desks can be fitted with full height panels (called high backbone screens) that turn them into cubicles. Sound absorbing desktop mounted screens are also available for acoustical management. These innovative pieces are only available in Europe right now, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for a U.S. edition.


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