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Best Office Furniture for Power Napping

While the benefits of power napping for boosting employee productivity have been widely publicized, there still aren’t many companies that support this practice. That’s a shame considering that businesses really need to find innovative ways to attract top talent and cut down on ‘presenteeism’. We imagine that employers who advertised that their total compensation package included on-the-job naps would attract job candidates in hordes. While it may be a just a dream, we still think it is fun to consider how a napping policy would affect the types of office furniture used in the average workplace.

  • Office chairs would recline WAAAAAY back and lock in place. Employees would want an upholstered task chair with a head rest. A foot rest under the desk would complete the “office La-Z-Boy”. With this setup, employees could nap without leaving their desk.
  • The break room would turn into a bunkhouse. We’re thinking foldout sleeper couches would replace the tables and chairs. After all, the break room wouldn’t be needed for dining anymore. Office employees could eat lunch at their desk without feeling deprived of their relaxation time if they worked in a company that encouraged one or two power naps a day.
  • Workstations would get deeper. The shallow worksurfaces that have emerged in response to the development of flat panel monitors and monitor arms would give way to larger desks – big enough to lay down underneath with a comfy sleeping bag.
  • Conference rooms would be equipped with lounge furniture. Most people really wish they could sleep through boring meetings they are forced to attend where nothing ever really gets done. So, they could practice “multi-slacking” by showing up for the meeting and getting in a good 20 minute snooze at the same time. Imagine how energized everyone would be if all meetings were like that!


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