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Best of NeoCon Software Tech

Some of the most interesting “Best of NeoCon” entries aren’t physical furnishings at all. Instead, they are software technologies that are designed to enhance the workplace. Here are a couple that might improve how businesses go about office space planning and furniture selection:

20-20 Visual Impression

This 3D office layout and furniture design software tool is intended for office furniture dealers to use in customer consultations. It’s being marketed as more than simply “imaging”. Because the user can change the viewing perspective to see the furnishings from every angle, this is being referred to as “visualization” software. One big selling point for dealers is likely to be the speed with which the imagery can be updated with new specs and the fact that the solution is integrated with a huge library of manufacturer surfacing and finish options. Less time spent manually entering new textile, laminate, and paint data could save a lot of time.

Photo Lab in CET Designer

This software package from Configura, Inc. continues to evolve in collaboration with manufacturers like Steelcase, Teknion, and Haworth to ensure a complete and accurate catalogue of specifications. The drag and drop function lets users add and remove various workstations and other furniture items easily while delivering photorealistic renderings. It automatically inserts hardware and other components that might be overlooked in a simpler software system. This also helps with the final step – putting together an order with all the parts needed to complete the carefully designed “look”.

Why so much attention on imaging and planning software?

Office furniture companies that don’t invest in some form of accurate and realistic imaging software will be left in the dust. At Cubicles Office Environments, we always offer software generated plans in our free consultation process so our clients can see and understand exactly what they are getting. But we know that fancy images are just half of the picture. We also stand behind the comprehensive quotes we put together. If we accidentally forget a necessary component during the design process, we will pay for it ourselves.


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