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Best of NeoCon Entries – Work Tables

You might think a work table is too basic to offer much room for innovation. It’s got 4 legs and a flat top, right? Actually, the design possibilities for task and training tables are continuing to blossom year after year. The 2011 Best of NeoCon entries prove that the options are far from played out for this piece of furniture. Here are some fun designs to peruse the next time you are looking to outfit a new office space.


You’ve seen flip top tables, but this is not the cafeteria style design you’re used to. Halcon’s MOTUS is a high-end conference table that would look at home in any boardroom. The leg panels flip out and the table top flips down for compact storage. Multiple tables can be ganged to create any configuration you like and cable management is handled discretely under the table surface. The MOTUS is caster mounted making it movable during use (you can lock the casters to fix the table in place). The four point leveling feature allows you to adjust the table top so no one’s fancy executive pen accidentally rolls to the floor.


OK, this one can’t even really be called a “work table”. It’s a command and control center that makes your critical response employees feel like Captain Kirk (minus the uncomfortable boots). You’ve got one touch sit/stand height adjustability with this console style table. The actuated monitor arms let you electronically move the height and tilt of your bank of flat screen monitors to match your desired working position. Then, there are the environmental controls including heating, ventilation, noise control, and more. It won’t quite reach warp speed, but users will certainly work in comfort with this unit from Evans Consoles.


This little beauty is brought to you by Okamura. It’s a multi-purpose table with only one real purpose – providing you with a flat surface exactly when and where you need it. The arm is hydraulically operated for smooth up and down adjustment. This mini-table is the perfect spot to set a laptop, clipboard, file folder, or any other item that needs a temporary support. There are several shapes and finishes, but the bean shaped table is probably the cutest.


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