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Best of NeoCon Entries – Furniture Systems

NeoCon may be over for the year, but there are still so many great designs to explore! This week, let’s look at some novel furniture systems. These three companies each take a very different approach to defining workspaces:


The Inscape system is designed to see your business through thick and thin. You can actually mix & match thick and thin panels on the same frame. This saves inches in areas where you don’t need a deep raceway to hold cables. It’s only 3/4 of an inch at each juncture, but if you add that up over a fleet of 50-100 workstations, that’s a big deal. The tiles, worksurfaces, connectors, brackets, and other components are also compatible with either panel thickness to make this a highly flexible solution.


Well, these guys really throw a curve into the “square” cubicle concept. The Orbit design from Fluid Concepts can be specified in more than one radius or diameter to help you create snakes, bubble clusters, standalone pods, and many other fantastical arrangements. You don’t need a work triangle in this setup. Instead, an employee can simply pivot in the center of the curved workstation to reach any area of the worksurface. Every point is equally accessible and ergonomic.

Ad Hoc High

This version of the Ad Hoc worktable system combines the extra legroom of the classic design with a fixed 41” table height. It’s an interesting alternative to having an adjustable table. Add tall drafting style chairs with footrests, and employees can sit or stand to work at these stations. Since many employees will be sharing a single benching system, it makes more sense for individuals to adjust as needed throughout the day rather than to have the entire worksurface move up and down.


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