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Best Of NeoCon Entries For Workplace Technology

One of the most interesting categories in NeoCon’s 2011 show this year was Workplace Technology. The range of entries spanned everything from a new mouse to high level acoustic paneling. Here’s the scoop on some of the Best of NeoCon tech:

Penguin Mouse

This vertical mouse is designed for right handed and left handed use. That’s not because the designer expects you to be hiring a large number of South paws. Instead, the idea is to encourage all workers to switch mouse operating hands frequently throughout the day. If people can learn to type with both hands, it’s not unreasonable to assume that they can also use a mouse with either hand.

The vertical positioning of the mouse body allows the hand, wrist, and arm to rest in natural, relaxed position. The movements required to operate the mouse come mostly from the larger muscles in the forearm and upper arm. This gives hands and fingers a break. Posturite hopes this new Penguin mouse (which actually looks more like a porpoise sticking its head above the water) might reduce the incidence of carpal tunnel or other repetitive strain injuries.


The ADAPT collection of acoustical treatments is certainly easy on the eyes. The core of these panels absorbs between 80-100% of sound. This high NRC rating has been verified by an independent lab (although lab conditions vary from real life workplace conditions). The panels are designed to reduce echo, make speech easier to understand by managing ambient sound levels, and generally enhance communication.

The lightweight aluminum frame and core can be outfitted with a fabric “skin” printed with the graphics of your choice (assuming copyright rules are followed). The dye is infused into the fabric using sublimation instead of being layered on the surface with screen printing. These skins are UV resistant to prevent fading and can even be washed to keep them looking bright. Plus, you can order and install a new “skin” anytime you are ready for a change in your workplace décor.


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