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Best of NeoCon Entries – Casegoods Competition

NeoCon is in full swing for 2011, and there are some interesting entries in the commercial interiors product category for the Best of NeoCon award (BON). Well known names like HON, Allsteel, and Teknion are prominently featured entrants for their innovative cubicle designs. But today let’s take a look at some of the contenders from slightly less well-known companies.


First Office has its eyes set on stacking up the wins at NeoCon with its STAKS workstations. This office furniture is based around cabinets and other casegoods rather than cubicle walls – the panels are secondary to the design in these “open office” pieces. The company is kicking it old school by building with wood rather than the trendier metal and glass. This means their basic cubicles and VIP office suite furnishings all have the same warm feel. At the same time, using wood offers this manufacturer greater flexibility in customizing products. If they need to construct a workstation in non-standard dimensions, making adjustments to the “pattern” is simpler with wood working equipment than with the complex machinery used to bend and shape metal for steel desks and cubicle panel frames.


This design from OSI is another example of wood making a big time comeback in the office furniture sphere. The company boasts that this collection is “setting a new standard”. Unfortunately, this piece looks like a blend between a 1960s dark wood paneled den and a booth at McDonalds. Seriously, it even has golden arches on the top. OK, I’ll hush now.


This design goes along with the trend of naming designs in ALL CAPS. But at least it’s a refreshing break from the wood-heavy collections that are dominating the Best of NeoCon casegoods category this year. The freestanding metal bases are a gorgeous touch and keep this modular furniture from looking bland. The question of cable management is left a little open ended since there are no actual PCs or phones in this beautifully staged photo op.


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